Jun’s artistic practice contains social and cultural themes relating to his critical perspective on the contemporary world, influenced by his experiences migrating back and forth from Korea and America. Jun’s work focuses mainly on ceramics and large scale drawings idealizing internal intuition and the labor put into the analogue making process. With his main focus being drawings made from graphite, his images portray the raw expression in intertwining both nature and media culture. Jun has recently exhibited his first solo show in the states with Creative Alliance(Baltimore, MD) and is currently situated in Brooklyn (NY).

Balancing while Swinging

My work seats me in a rocking chair that rocks between the following time settings:  past, present, and future. The idea of creating layers of shape and experience, accumulating them into a cloud, drawing instinctive connection.

This layering process allows me to time-travel, overlapping experiences on one another, erasing marks made in the past or creating marks in-between present and future.
The labor and time consumed during the development of the work is the same as the metamorphosis of a seed to a plant. The idea (seed) is planted into the soil while the climate (layering) renders the seed into its final form. Eventually, the plant either takes the raw form of a fragile drawing on paper or a hand-built ceramic that intertwine imagery from nature and media culture.

Alas, I am a swinging pendulum, constantly traveling through time. Using graphite and clay as the mediator to layer a world that revolves around the past-present-future time simultaneously, visually stimulating the intersection of the three time zones in a balanced manner. The intersections consist of the scent of nostalgia and growth, the potential movement, and decisions that were bound to happen.

If the pendulum swings too far in one direction it will come back the other way. My practice is the study of balancing the pendulum to an adequate swing. Time is gold to me.